my last post from the Duchy.

My flight is in 7 hours. I should be asleep.

This is my last post from Luxembourg, but definitely not the last post about Luxembourg. I still have lots of photos to post and talk about.

My day started very early, with Joe's departure at 7:00am. After he left for the airport, I did some cleaning around the apartment.

Then I had a lovely brunch with my friends Solenn and Olivier. They made me such a fantastic meal that it has been the only thing I've eaten all day and I haven't been hungry since.

In the evening I decided to take a walk in the city center and check out Rock um Knuedler in Place Guillaume. It started raining, and so I didn't stick around to see the show, I walked around Place Guillaume and took in the sight. It was pouring by then, and I, having packed away my umbrella and other rain gear, got drenched. But I didn't mind. I love the rain, and it seemed a fitting last evening in this city.

I walked all the way to the Gare, and caught the bus home from there. I took a few pictures of the city in the rain. I will post those next. As soon as I am back in LA.

I am sad to leave.


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