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Goodbye Metsmam.

thank you for being a cool grandma when I was little.

you let me stay up late when i'd come spend the night at your place on Fridays.

i didn't like going over to your place after pre-school because I preferred to drink my juice with my lunch, and for some reason your policy was that we would get our beverage at the end of the meal. i actually complained to mom and dad about this.

of course, over the years I've come to prefer drinking after my meal, or at least towards the end.

i remember how happy you were when you found out I'd started my period. It was like a big deal for you. i was mortified that you knew. i didn't understand why you were happy.

i'm sorry i didn't give you any great-grandchildren. One of the last times you were hospitalized you asked me 'when are you going to have a baby?' I'm sorry.

i hope you knew I love you. I know I wasn't the best at showing it.