Birthday Hike - Hollyridge Trail on Mt. Lee

There's a peak on Mt. Lee that a single tree sticks out from. This tree is visible from the street. From my apartment. From many places in Burbank. I have had my eye on this tree for a long time. I wanted to hike up and picnic under this tree.

So when I found out that there was a trail on Mt. Lee, I was esctatic. I was certain it would lead me to this tree because the descriptions of the trail all said it goes all the way to the top. I decided that my birthday would be the perfect day for this hike. We got a late start, so I didn't pack a picnic, just some snacks and lots of water and we were off!

The name of the trail is the Hollyridge Trail. I learned about it from a book called Day HIkes Around Los Angeles.

It was a beautiful day for a hike, we had a break in the rain and the air was crisp and the skies were clear, so we had gorgeous views of the city, all the way to the ocean, and of the valley on the other side. As it turned out, the top of Mt. Lee has a couple different peaks and we realized as we approached the top that my tree was not going to be at the end of the trail we were on. After checking out some maps, I'm pretty sure the peak my tree is on is called Cahuenga Peak. The Hollyridge trail does not go there. I don't know if there's a trail that does.

So, that was a tiny dissapointment. Tiny, really. Take a look at the photos in the rest of this set and you'll see why. It was a great day for a hike, and a most excellent trail. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.


crankykhayman said…
Great picture. Sometimes when you are down in the the city you can forget how beautiful it can be.
Laurel said…
Hilarious! We used that exact book for our hike one peak over at Mt. Hollywood.

The pic is great! How was the climb down in the dark?
Narineh said…
Cool! We set our eyes on Mt. Hollywood as we climbed the Hollyridge trail. I think that might be our next hike. The climb down wasn't too bad. It got quite cold, even before the sun had fully set. But it wasn't super dark as we went back down, especially once we were facing Hollywood again, the city lights kept things from being pitch dark. We came across a group riding horses up the trail as we were coming down. It was a neat thing to see the silhouettes against the city lights. The book seems cool. I'm exicted to do more hikes from it. I did go to the Griffith Park Ranger's Station and get a map of all the park trails. There are more trails in the park than this particular book mentions.

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