Premature Evacuation

I know this analogy isn't going to work for everyone, but it works for me...

It's like being promised a trip to Walt Disney World. The whole place, you know, all the parks and attractions, even the cheese-y ones. A good long trip, maybe 2-3 weeks -- long enough to allow you to experience everything you want.

And then you get there, and you get only one day. At Epcot Center. And that's it. You didn't even get to see all the pavilions in Epcot.

That's what it feels like.

Sure, Epcot is cool, and you got to do and see a lot while you were there. And you appreciate that. But you were planning on much more. And it got taken away from you.

The reason this analogy has been bouncing around in my head is that it looks like we will be leaving here significantly sooner than we had planned. I am sorely disappointed. I really like Luxembourg, there's more I would like to see and do here. And much more I'd like to see of Europe.

I know this wasn't my one and only chance to see Europe, but this was a special opportunity to live in another country and experience another way of life. And while I am very happy for the time I've had here, I'm not ready to leave.


I will continue posting from LA when I get back. In the mean time, I'll have some more posts about the pictures from our last-minute Germany Road Trip and two days in Paris.


Laurel said…
Hey Nar -- I'm really sorry that your trip has been cut short. :-( I hope you guys get to do some touring in Europe before you head back tho.
Stephanie said…
awww... :(

When are you coming back? (I was kinda sorta hoping to make it out for a visit while you were there. It was such a good excuse and all.)
Jorg said…
Damn, and I just found this blog...

Too bad, enjoy the days that you have left.

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