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This Day in (my) History

Originally uploaded by The Chronicles of Narineh June 23, 2007.
A year ago today, I was in Luxembourg.

It was the National Holiday. The day they celebrate the Duke, the Duchy and all that entails. There were various ceremonies & celebrations scheduled throughout the day, parades, speeches etc. There was a huge televised mass at the Notre Dame cathedral at midday. And finally, at night, over the Petrusse Valley, fireworks!

We rushed to get there on time as Joe had been delayed at work. It took a long time for us to find parking, but we finally did.

Then we ran all the way over to Ponte Adolphe, thinking we'd miss the show. But we ended up waiting for an hour or so. I think they were waiting for the winds to die down? I don't know. But the show finally started. It lasted a good 30-45 minutes. It was awesome.

I took photos of the fireworks, and a few of the crowd. People were drinking, singing, waving Luxembourg flags. The wind sometimes carried the embers over to the …