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my last post from the Duchy.

My flight is in 7 hours. I should be asleep.

This is my last post from Luxembourg, but definitely not the last post about Luxembourg. I still have lots of photos to post and talk about.

My day started very early, with Joe's departure at 7:00am. After he left for the airport, I did some cleaning around the apartment.

Then I had a lovely brunch with my friends Solenn and Olivier. They made me such a fantastic meal that it has been the only thing I've eaten all day and I haven't been hungry since.

In the evening I decided to take a walk in the city center and check out Rock um Knuedler in Place Guillaume. It started raining, and so I didn't stick around to see the show, I walked around Place Guillaume and took in the sight. It was pouring by then, and I, having packed away my umbrella and other rain gear, got drenched. But I didn't mind. I love the rain, and it seemed a fitting last evening in this city.

I walked all the way to the Gare, and caught the bus home from the…

things I will miss about Luxembourg.

the sky.
the city buses and the whole public transportation system.
Fischer bakery breads.
the cheese aisles at Auchan. yes i said aisles. plural.
the thunderstorms.
the city center.
the view of the Grund from Plateau St. Esprit.
Oscar Wilde's
the summer concerts in Place d'Armes and everywhere else. There's always something going on somewhere in Centre-Ville.
i've already mentioned the bread.

and this, i didn't expect, but it is true... I will miss the smallness. Luxembourg City is such a small town compared to Los Angeles, and the smallness and the sense of community it fosters are quite nice. Charming, even. I don't know, maybe if I'd stayed longer I would have gotten sick of it, but as it is, I will miss it.

Premature Evacuation

I know this analogy isn't going to work for everyone, but it works for me...

It's like being promised a trip to Walt Disney World. The whole place, you know, all the parks and attractions, even the cheese-y ones. A good long trip, maybe 2-3 weeks -- long enough to allow you to experience everything you want.

And then you get there, and you get only one day. At Epcot Center. And that's it. You didn't even get to see all the pavilions in Epcot.

That's what it feels like.

Sure, Epcot is cool, and you got to do and see a lot while you were there. And you appreciate that. But you were planning on much more. And it got taken away from you.

The reason this analogy has been bouncing around in my head is that it looks like we will be leaving here significantly sooner than we had planned. I am sorely disappointed. I really like Luxembourg, there's more I would like to see and do here. And much more I'd like to see of Europe.

I know this wasn't my one and only chance …