things I will miss about Luxembourg.

the sky.
the city buses and the whole public transportation system.
Fischer bakery breads.
the cheese aisles at Auchan. yes i said aisles. plural.
the thunderstorms.
the city center.
the view of the Grund from Plateau St. Esprit.
Oscar Wilde's
the summer concerts in Place d'Armes and everywhere else. There's always something going on somewhere in Centre-Ville.
i've already mentioned the bread.

and this, i didn't expect, but it is true... I will miss the smallness. Luxembourg City is such a small town compared to Los Angeles, and the smallness and the sense of community it fosters are quite nice. Charming, even. I don't know, maybe if I'd stayed longer I would have gotten sick of it, but as it is, I will miss it.


Laurel said…
Okay, I can't help you with all the other stuff, but you can get Hoegaarden at Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena. :-D

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