Why did we wait so long?

We had taco night this Saturday! It was very exciting, because as some of you may know, we miss the Mexican food.

There are no Mexican food restaurants here. We've found a good South American place, but no beans, no burritos, no tacos.

As we enjoyed our meal Saturday night, we wondered why it took us so long to do a taco night. We realized it was because we were hung up on the beans. It had been incredibly hard to find pinto beans here. Or black beans for that matter. The most common bean here is white, although kindey beans have been easy to find too.

And we had it in our head that we needed beans if we were to have a proper taco night.

A few weeks ago Sibyl and I found dried pinto beans and black beans at a natural foods store we visited. But they sat around in the pantry for weeks because we weren't sure what to do with the dried beans. We are used to the canned stuff that just needs to be heated up.

Well, this weekend, with taco seasoning packets from my mom as impetus, we decided we would have taco night.

We bought salsa, tortillas and taco shells from the "world foods" aisle in the Auchan. We loaded up on onions, cheese, bell peppers, avocado and sour cream. Bought some ground tofu for the vegetarians in the house, and we were set! It was awesome!

We forgot to soak the beans overnight, so the black beans cooked and the pinto beans soaked before, during and after the meal. As it turned out, the one thing we were hung up on for having a taco night never got to be part of the event!

Shane made some great black bean chili today with the leftover peppers and onions from the taco condiments, and the black beans that finally cooked all the way through. I will make some refried beans with the pinto beans this week for some bean and cheese burrito action perhaps.

So... after all that waiting, we had a great taco night sans beans. Photos are being uploaded as I type.

Update: photoset uploaded for your viewing pleasure.


C├ędric said…
Hey / Hola

Well, if you miss it so much, you can maybe give a try in bonnevoie, just on the other side of the train station. There s a place next to your favorite bakery, (fisher)next to the church. The place is called el sombrero...
But as far as I know, they don t have any burritos...so if you find out for a burrito place..let me know !!

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