I may be in Luxembourg, but I'm still paying attention

I get most of my news online nowadays, from various sources. I also occasionally watch BBC World, CNN International and France 24 on tv here.

So, while I'm not in the States, I am still able to more or less keep up with the news there.

It seems the headlines are all about Paris Hilton going back to jail today. There is interesting and even newsworthy stuff going on there, namely how Sheriff Baca tried to circumvent justice and get Paris out of jail. It doesn't seem like the media is focusing on that aspect of the case however.

I wish the American media would instead draw your attention to this .

The Bush Administration's arrogant, reckless, holier-than-thou, cavalier attitude towards everything is particularly appalling when it comes to the issue of torture.

If you read nothing else in this link, read the first and the last paragraphs.

Ignore who wrote it, because I know some of you out there don't like Andrew Sullivan. Ignore that he is the one writing it, because it doesn't matter. Just read, and think about it, and think about it when you vote. Think about it the next time your American passport feels more like a target than a symbol of freedom.

It is an article about the Bush Administration's stance on torture. It is not an editorial, just a straightforward organization of facts.

I get so angry, I can't even coherently express the thoughts racing in my head. So I'll just leave you with the article.


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