Fête de Printemps

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Luxembourg celebrated the arrival of spring with art and fire.

The Festival of Spring was on April 28, 2007. It began during the day with tours of urban art installations and exhibits all over town. And in the evening, the festivites continued with art exhibits, live music, beer stands, and fire installations in the Grund.

It was an awesome site. I took many pictures, which I hope can convey how cool the whole thing was. I found a few YouTube clips that'll help give you an idea of what it was like too. This clip focuses on one of the musical acts, but you can see some of the hanging fire installations too. In addition to some more music, this and this include footage of the fire installations you'll also see in my photos. The musical acts were in different places in the Grund, and as you can see, they varied in mood and energy.

It was amazing. I am glad I was here to see it. I don't know if it is an annual event. From what we could gather it was the first year, but we saw photos from what seemed to be a previous year's celebrations. Anyway, if you're ever here during that time of year, ask around and check it out!


cyril said…
There are often some "city parties" in Luxemburg, but this "Fête de Printemps", from what I know, is a one-shot, since it takes its place in the celebrations for the year of the culture "Luxembourg 2007". Yet, there are often summer city festivals, the "jazz & blues rally" and, of course, the "fete nationale" on the 22nd of June, which is by far the biggest event of the city.

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