Rain Donation (I wish)

I read about the Griffith Park fire yesterday and saw many pictures online. Pictures from as far away as Venice and Culver City where you could see the huge plume of smoke.

I wish I could send some of the rain we're having here over there to help. I read this morning that firefighters expect they'll be able to put the fire "laid down" today. Or something like thatI forget the exact phrase, and I can't find it now. I just read the news again and it says they have it 40% contained.

Joe and I went to the Griffith Observatory in December when he was back in LA. It recently reopened this summer. I highly recommend a visit. We went at night, and there was lots to do, but there's also lots to do and see during the day. So go visit!

I didn't hear reports of any damage to the observatory, nor to the zoo or any structures for that matter. The vegetation is all gone, of course, including an area called Dante's Garden (aka Dante's view), a two-acre terraced garden planted by Dante Orgolini in the 1960s according to trails.com. The garden faces south, and has picnic benches and shade trees along its trail. Neat, eh?! It is on the Mt. Hollywood trail. I didn't know about this place before, but now I want to go there. I hope it gets replanted.

Hang in the LA! We miss you!


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