Tour of the Apartment

Needless to say, I'm backlogged as far as updates on my adventures. I'll begin at almost the beginning, which is to say, I won't recap the months of preparation that it took to get me here. I will simply start with the getting here...

I left Los Angeles on Monday March 19, 2007 and arrived in Luxembourg on Tuesday March 20 at 1:30pm. (Luxembourg is on Central European Time. It is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Time.)

I have been here for about 4 weeks now. I’m still settling in.

I may at some point go ahead and detail my journey here, for now, suffice it to say I flew from Los Angeles to Washington/Dulles to Paris to Luxembourg.

I’ll start with my first day in the Grand Duchy.

I arrived at Luxembourg airport on time. But my luggage did not. This, despite the fact that I saw both suitcases on the tarmac next to the airplane as I was boarding the flight from Charles de Gaulle.

Joe picks me up and after a stop at the store to grab some food and sundries, we go to the apartment. Finally! I see the apartment. And so, finally! You all get to see the apartment...

As for viewing the photos, I apologize for making you sign up, but I didn't want my photostream to be public. You should be already gotten an invite from me for my Flickr page, if you have not, please email and let me know and I'll send you an invite right away.

For those of you who are new to Flickr, note that you can view the photos in a slideshow, or see them there as they are. The slideshow is cool, but the downside is you don't get to see the descriptions for the photos in the show. There's a link on the top right of the page that says "view as a slideshow."

I will have more photos up there soon, so check in periodically. I'll let you know when new stuff is up.



khayman said…
The apt looks cool. Very modern + European looking. Keep the pics coming.

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