Small Talk

It is the easiest thing to talk about, and so the thing I get asked most about... The weather.

I realized this weekend that the apartment photos were giving you all a the wrong idea about how the weather is here right now.

My first night here, it started snowing and it continued through the next day. For a kid from Burbank, it was glorious, let me tell you. It was cold, but glorious.

Turned out I got here just in time, otherwise I would have missed all the fun. That was the last of the snow. It rained on and off for a week or so after that, and then it was just cold for a bit. And now it is warm. It was downright hot a couple of weekends ago. So the last couple of weeks have been nice and sunny.

The whole town is a-bloom. Spring is here. There's a breeze, and in the afternoons it starts getting chilly, but nothing that requires any amount of bundling up.

Apparently Luxembourg had a warmer than usual winter this year. I'm told this time last year they still had snow on the ground. This year it only snowed 3 times since Joe got here (November 25). And my first night here was that third and final time.

Looking at my photos makes it seem like I've been here for ages... bundled up for snow and then sun and flowers everywhere.

Springtime is really beautiful here. And I don't think things are even in full bloom yet.

The next few photo sets will still be a bit snowy. I'll have more pictures of spring in Luxembourg soon. For now, enjoy the shot of this tree outside our kitchen window. The photo was taken on April 17. You can compare it to this photo here and see what a difference 4 weeks make.


Stephanie said…
Funny because when I travel everyone asks me about the food. Then again, my whole office is full of foodies.
Narineh said…
Food comes second to weather so far in the questions I've gotten. Actually, I think the breakdown is that family has asked about weather, and friends have asked about food. I should write about the food...

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