First Impressions

My first day in Luxembourg, after I took all the photos of the apartment, I bundled up and made my way to Joe's office to meet him for lunch. After lunch, I made my way back to Centre-Ville (city center).

Centre-Ville is small. For those of you who know the area, it is smaller than Westwood Village. (I am thinking of Westwood Village as being bounded by Veteran Avenue on the West, Hilgard on the East, and Le Conte and Wilshire at the North and South respectively.) Here's a map from the Luxembourg Tourist Office. You can see where it says "Centre" -- that's the area I'm talking about.

It is small, but as old European cities tend to, it has lots of nooks and crannies. On this afternoon, I explored mostly the east and south-east bits of the center. There's lots of pedestrian traffic, especially in the core, where it is kind of a promenade. There are banks and government offices, cathedrals and stores and restaurants, and bars and cafes, and public squares, museums, and the Duke's Palace, of course.

So I just walked, and took photos. Here's the photoset from that afternoon.


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