Early Exploration

Luxembourg City is on a plateau. Or a few big plateaus separated by gorges or ravines. Way back in 963 when the fortress/city was founded, it was on one of the plateaus.

And now, over 1000 years later, you can't turn your head without seeing the vestiges of the fortress in various stages of ruin. It is really cool. What's even cooler is discovering the layers of history, like ruins of an 18th century fortress built on the walls of the medieval fortress.

Or the 21st Century Museum of Modern art MUDAM, built on the foundations of the 18th century Fort Th√ľngen and here and my photos .

My first weekend here, Joe and I went exploring in one of the gorges. The neighborhood in that particular ravine is called Grund (it means 'ground'). We started at the bottom of the Grund and walked up, kind of going in a circle.

This photoset is from that day.


cyril said…
I've just discovered your blog, and also had a look on your photos. I am looking forward to having your feed-backs about this strange little country. Seen with the eyes of a Frenchie, differences are not so big, althoug amusing, I wonder what they will be from the point of view of a woman from LA...
Good luck in Luxembourg !
Narineh said…
Hi Cyril!
I have been reading your blog too! Coming from LA, the first impression of Luxembourg is that it is so small. I will write more about what I think of Luxembourg in my future posts, instead of just listing what I've seen.

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